As part of a strategy that complements our integrated supply and optimization business, we have acquired strategic storage assets, and we own and successfully operate fuel terminals.

JSC Astanagaz KMG has made substantial investments in these assets and their systems to enhance productivity. The acquisition of further strategic storage assets is a key element of our strategy, which will provide us with the power to maximize market movements and exploit arbitrage opportunities, and will provide synergies between our downstream and integrated supply and optimization divisions.

Our company takes maximum care of wholesalers. Fuel delivery is carried out by own transport to motor transport hubs, sea and river vessels, as well as to private consumers who use diesel fuel for their own needs. The company is financially responsible for the entrusted cargo until the very moment of transfer to the recipient.

JSC Astanagaz KMG provides services for the delivery of petroleum products globally. Our company has a wealth of experience in the field of transportation. We have our own fleet of European-made vehicles, such as SCANIA and VOLVO, and tank semi-trailers ranging in volume from 7 m3 to 32 m3. Our staff consists of highly qualified drivers who have been trained and have valid permits.

Thanks to our reputation, experience, professionalism and flexible approach to each client, we provide high-quality services in the modern market of transportation of petroleum products. 

Our Storage tank farm receives petroleum products from railways into our underground tankers with a light storage capacity of 200,000 m3. This warehouse has a platform with drainage devices, pipelines and storage tanks, a pumping station and a platform for delivery of petroleum products.

The Storage tank farm also consists of multiple steel standard cylindrical tanks and are arranged horizontally.

The Capacity of each range to 650,500 m3. The pumping station is located in a separate heated building, which features a computer room with pump and other devices, as well as billboard space, transfer and ventilation systems.