Corporate Governance

The system of corporate governance is a crucial element of JSC Astanagaz KMG success and efficiency. The Company continuously improves its decision-making mechanisms and seeks to increase the efficiency of its governance bodies based on best global practices.

The overarching objective is to create a fully transparent vertical system of corporate governance, which would be based on common and efficient decision-making principles and the follow-up process.


Tileubaev Shainiyazovich.

Altybaeva Kasymkanovna.

Yerzhan Bekbolatev.

Yedil Kenesov.

Bolat Ablaiov.

First Manager. 
JSC Astanagaz KMG 

Chief Accountant.

Deputy Director for  General Issues.

Head of the Business Unit.

Head of Internal Audit.

Gaziza Kemhebekova.

Hanshayim Fauskeova.

Shakizat Nurzhaneva.

Marlen Akmetzhanev.

Turlan Yerbolatev.

Head of Internal Audit.

Control and Risk Management.

Head of the Assets Integration Directorate.

Deputy Head of the Salary Directorate.

Head of the Economics and Investment Business Unit.


JSC Astanagaz KMG has created a culture that recognizes that compliance is the responsibility of each and every one of our employees.

A compliance team is in place to assist both management and individuals; it maintains robust policies and procedures to ensure the company complies with all relevant national and international legislation and regulations.


Samal Diasova.

Fatiha Ardagereva.

Aktolkin Temirzhaneva.

Farida Ershateva. 

Qalamqas Dastaneva.

Aisulu Amanetova.

Rasul Alenev.

Arman Tahirov.

Rustam Madiov.

Ayajan Alibieva.

Aru Madiova.

Tahir Nurbekev.