At JSC Astanagaz KMG, 20,000 liters of crude pass through the crude oil distillation unit every minute in the first step of the production chain. The crude oil is heated and distilled in the tall columns of the crude distiller to break it into different constituents known as fractions.

The heaviest fractions, condensing at the hottest temperatures near the bottom of the columns, are upgraded in the catalytic cracker to produce petrol and diesel components, or used as fuel in the refinery furnaces. Fractions condensing around the middle of the columns include kerosene for jet fuel and gas oil for heating and diesel engines.

The lightest fractions, condensing at the coolest temperatures near the top, include gases such as propane, butane and naphtha, some of which are upgraded further in JSC Astanagaz KMG catalytic reformer, converting them to petrol components and solvents.

The greater part of its output is petrol and diesel for road vehicles, with the remaining proportion being specialty products such as fuel oil, bitumen, kerosene and aviation fuel. The refinery has a comprehensive logistics infrastructure including rail and road loading facilities. Storage facilities are located at strategic sites throughout Kazakhstan.

There has been significant investment at the refinery over the last few years to meet the demands of the market now and in the future. Its production units and upgraded processes have the flexibility to supply a well-balanced portfolio of retail, commercial and specialty products to the market. 

Safety is the cornerstone of operational excellence at JSC Astanagaz KMG. Health, Safety and Environmental practices are continuously reviewed and upgraded across all operations. JSC Astanagaz KMG operates under the Control of Major Accident Hazard regulations and works closely with both the Kazakhstan Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

JSC Astanagaz KMG participates in the organization of international transport of petrochemical Products and Crude oil and through the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan and to other countries, as well as providing shipping containers for the use of our customers. 

JSC Astanagaz KMG has excellent logistical infrastructure to load and transport fuel via road, jetty, rail, pipeline and sea with a full range of transport, heating and aviation fuel available. We market these fuels from our owned assets and as well as exporting to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the rest of the world.

We blend components in order to cater to specific market demands. These components are sourced from varied and disparate counterparties. Our physical integrated supply and optimization business is underpinned by our team’s expertise in sourcing crude and petroleum products from different regions and maintaining inventory stocks in tanks strategically situated around the globe.