Our company is committed to responsible business as a necessary condition for sustainable development. At JSC Astanagaz KMG, social responsibility principles are strictly adhered to in all activities, all work stages and corporate levels.For us, being socially responsible means caring for people and the environment and developing the communities where we live and work.

JSC Astanagaz KMG provides its employees with all the social benefits legislated in Kazakhstan and also offers them additional health insurance, benefits, and compensations. We guarantee decent and safe working conditions to all our employees and comply with all the License-to-Operate safety requirements.

At all work stages we apply the best environmental standards ensuring a sustainable use of natural resources and minimizing our environmental impact.

We at JSC Astanagaz KMG strive to promote environmental awareness and spread best practices among our employees and business partners. We always respond to social issues faced by communities where we work providing charity and sponsor support in line with our priorities.

We put forth our political neutrality and do not finance, directly or indirectly, political parties or their representatives or candidates. We approach relations with the authorities, regulatory bodies, and public administrations following the principles of cooperation and transparency.

We take part in discussions about public policy development because we believe that we can contribute information and experience on issues to develop legitimate and necessary legislation.

We support lobbying that is carried out in a transparent way, particularly in the eyes of those who may be concerned about the integrity of such practices or the potential impact on other stakeholders. To this end, we provide information regarding this activity wherever there is an existing lobby register. 

The joint-stock company takes all measures to comply with the environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, minimize the negative impact on the environment as a result of production activities and implement the planned phased environmental measures.
On June 1, 2021, a new Environmental Code came into force in Kazakhstan. As part of the innovations, from 2025, integrated environmental solutions will be applied to large objects of the first category and a mechanism of the best available technologies (BAT) will be introduced aimed at reducing emissions into the environment. JSC Astanagaz KMG is the leading oil and gas operator of the Astana region and, according to the new Environmental Code, the operator of the first category. In this regard, a comprehensive technological audit has already been carried out at production facilities, an assessment of the compliance of JSC Astanagaz KMG technologies with the principles of the best available technologies has been carried out. The assessment was carried out using the Methodology for conducting an expert assessment of the technological processes of organizations for compliance with the principles of the best available technologies by the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects.