About Company

JSC Astanagaz KMG is a leader in the oil exploration and production industry. Today, the company is actively engaged in exploration and production activities in numerous areas around the world.

JSC Astanagaz KMG is known not only as one of the leading enterprises of the oil and gas sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose industrial potential and capitalization have a long-term growing dynamic, but also as an enterprise with quite convincing results of social relations.

The activities of JSC Astanagaz KMG are directly related to Kazakhstani manufacturers of goods, works and services. The comprehensive development of the economy of Kazakhstan demonstrates an increase in the quality of local products. JSC Astanagaz KMG actively maintains contact with domestic producers: products of Kazakhstani production are increasingly used in the development of fields, production operations, construction. The Company, purchasing Kazakhstani products and services, exceeds the obligations on Kazakhstani content fixed in the Subsoil Use Contracts.

Who we are

JSC Astanagaz KMG is a team of professionals with many years of experience and a client-oriented approach.


Trust, communication, and quality are of the utmost importance for us when it comes to relationships with our clients.

Work with us

Our most important goal is to make our clients’ lives easier by offering them the best price, flexible conditions, seamless delivery, and of course the best quality products.

We are a global multi-energy provider. We strive to drive the evolution towards a decarbonization energy model, and with this ambition in mind we have set ourselves the goal of reaching a net zero emissions company by the year 2040.


Sustainably safe

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our people, processes and the environment in which we operate.

Sustainably reliable

Keeping our units running and fully meeting demand from our customers are critical. We aim for world class reliability.

Sustainably growing

An entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation gives us the flexibility to pursue business opportunities.

JSC Astanagaz KMG is proud of our highly skilled and loyal workforce and a workplace culture that respects and values all individuals. Continual learning and development opportunities are available to help employees achieve their potential. We are committed to ensuring effective two-way communication processes lead to continuous improvement in our business performance.

Delighting our customers by continuously improving our service levels, meeting their needs for 100% availability of high-quality products and delivering beyond their expectations is the key to our continued success.


In a fragmented market where no single company has a dominant position, JSC Astanagaz KMG has a global presence. It is actively involved in all of the major markets and a reliable supplier of petroleum products in the Kazakhstan region.

Our marketing and supply teams closely track the geographic price differentials between different grades of commodities, with the aim of identifying arbitrage opportunities that make it profitable to move shipments around the world and blend them when it is economically advantageous to do so.

We blend components in order to cater to specific market demands. These components are sourced from varied and disparate counterparties. Our physical integrated supply and optimization business is underpinned by our team’s expertise in sourcing crude and petroleum products from different regions and maintaining inventory stocks in tanks strategically situated around the globe.


Crude oil remains an important energy source, and when refined it is used within a wide variety of applications, from gasoline and fuel for aircraft and ships, to energy production for domestic and industrial use.

Our trading team, supported by a global network of peer companies from our shareholders network, is well-positioned to maximize crude oil sourcing and trading synergies to our customers’ advantage.